[1.04GB] 55's Cocoa Fart Smash Custom - 55InchesOfPassion

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55-s-cocoa-fart-smash-custom-55inchesofpassion.mp4 [1.04GB] - The Script: I would like to see another cake farting video. Preferably a chocolate one again :) I love it when you actually sit on it and smush it rather than hovering over it and teasing. It's ok if you do that a little bit, but I'd prefer if like for 2/3 of the video was with the cake smushed and you farting into it. I like it when you have you legs out in front of you with your full weight on the poor cake. If you included some of this, with you farting straight into it that would be cool. Then maybe leaning a little to one side and doing it that way, that would be awesome. Maybe it goes without saying, but I love it when your farts are big and powerful! I also like the sound it makes when the powerful burst of gas is muffled by the cake. The previous chocolate cake sitting one you did was really good, maybe one gripe would be that I wish there were more of those full weight farts with your legs straight out in front of you. As for what you wear... I guess I'd prefer for it to be bare ass. Your typical pony tail is sexy too :) Hope everything I listed is ok with you! Looking forward to hearing back.

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