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slave-training-with-anal-and-bj-ariel-anderssen.mp4 [1.16GB] - I've got a fantasy I want to play out, and in order to do so, I need to build a bondage stockade. I need to mount a big dildo at one end so I can use it to fuck myself with while I'm on all fours. And at the other end, I need to position another dildo to suck on, for extra sex slave practice! Both dildos are rather intimidating and large, so I decide to insert a butt plug while I do the DIY stockade building, dressed in nothing but my open cup bra, black opaque holdups and pink butt plug tail. I film the actual DIY in sped-up motion so that it's all done in one minute. Then it's time to remove the butt plug, and back onto the big black dildo so that it fills my ass perfectly. Slowly, as I get used to the sensation, I take it deeper, and then start to move back and forth more energetically, enjoying the feeling of being fucked from behind by the big cock mounted on the stockade. I move the camera to make sure you get a perfect view of how deep the dildo is buried. Then it's time to work on my blowjob technique too. What could be better than having my mouth and ass full of cock at the same time? It's so exciting that I have to slow down before I cum. And what a good idea! My strict master decides it'd be a good idea to let me have an orgasm while being spit-roast on two cocks - the more I learn to enjoy servicing multiple cocks at once, the more useful I'll be at all the sex parties! So I take my favourite vibrator, and have an amazing intense orgasm while impaled on two dildos at once. How perfect.

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