[520.58MB] Desperation in the office wetting pee - Faye Taylor

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desperation-in-the-office-wetting-pee-faye-taylor.mp4 [520.58MB] - I’m very busy working in my office. I’m wearing a smart white shirt tied in a knot at the front, a tight fitting black skirt, my shapely legs are bare, and on my cute little feet I have on a pair of black high heels. As I sit at my desk and write in my ledger, I can feel the pressure on my bladder building up to extremely high levels, but I have far too much to do to even think about taking a break! I cross my legs and squirm around in my chair in an effort to ease the tension, but it’s just no use, I’m too close to the edge! I hold on for as long as I can, pushing myself to the limit, but in the end it really does become too much, and I have to open my legs! A warm jet bursts through the thin panties I have on, and the pleasure of my bladder being satisfied is absolutely incredible :D I’m making a huge puddle on the seat of the chair, which means that my bum is getting a soaking too, and I love how the liquid is spilling over onto the floor and my feet. When I’m finished, I stand up to show off just how drenched my panties actually are, and then I readjust my skirt and get back to work. It’s going to be a lot harder to concentrate now that I’m so soggy ;)

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