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alisa-s-relaxing-evening-dreamgirls-in-socks.mp4 [1.89GB] - Alisa really wanted to chill out and relax in front on a good movie after working all day, so she came over to join me on the couch to lie down right in front of me! She has been working all day in her sneakers, and she has been wearing the same pair of white socks for a few days now, so she politely asks me to take her sneakers off as she didn’t want to mess the sofa with them, but she accidentally puts both of her feet right on my face! I am not exactly sure it was an accident, but she really didn’t care. Her socks stank so badly at this time! We had a blanket over us as we watched the movie, and her butt was just above my crotch, so it was a little hard to hide my excitement to have her sweaty white socks right on my face! I could not see the movie at the time because I had both of her feet in my face, but I just hope she picked a really long one! She rubs her sweaty socks on my face for a while, so I had no choice but to breathe through her socks. They were actually very hot after spending all day in her sneakers! Alisa also makes me lick the bottom of her smelly socks, and makes me sniff the insides of her old filthy sneakers too! That smell inside her sneakers was so strong! It almost smelled of pee! I hope she didn’t pee inside her sneakers without telling me! It would be so cruel! Alisa also makes me take her socks off with my teeth, then starts rubbing my face with her smelly naked feet while watching her movie! That smell of her feet was really intense too, but it was just perfect! She makes me take deep breaths in her feet, and makes me lick them too! Alisa really loves it when I lick the soles of her feet! I had to suck her toes too just to make her happy! The extended version of this clip is actually 20 minutes long, and you will find it right on the next page, or just below that version!

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