[568.00B] Your Money Belongs To Me Trance - Kelle Martina

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your-money-belongs-to-me-trance-kelle-martina.mp4 [568.00B] - This trance guides you into the dark and wonderful world of financial domination. Many men equate their money with the power that they have. As I seduce dollar by dollar out of your wallet, you become happier and more subservient. I take away your power, bit by bit, and you realise that nothing else had given you quite a rush. I slip out of my sheer black lace top and short skirt to reveal what drives you -- my hot young body. You know that this body and my devious mind get me everything I want. You are more than happy to give it to me. As you listen to my soft voice, everything I have to say makes complete sense and you wonder what took you so long to give in. My trance and induction makes you weak and vulnerable. For beginners, this clip will guide you into understanding the inner workings of your fetish. For experienced players who have tried to stop, this will only affirm your deepest desires. To serve me is to love me. To love me is to serve me. Make yourself important and useful...show me the money. By the end, you'll be begging me to use your cash, your wallet, your credit card. Repeat your new mantra: "My money belongs to you, Princess." This clip includes: Trance, hipn0sis, financial domination, and tease and denial. Video is in HD 960 x 720

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