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magic-control-101-sarahsfetishvids.mp4 [571.10MB] - Magic Control 101 (APARTMENT; NUDE) In her debut video for WMW, Sailor Luna has a magic date with one Sherry Stunns in “Magic Control 101”, and though like a lot of girls before her she doesn’t really believe this stuff works, after things are finished she may have to become a believer! Not that she’ll admit it of course, but the video doesn’t lie! Between being made to act like a canine, a cat and a chicken for her, and being made to do extremely sexual and humiliating acts that include stripping out of her barely there bikini and playing with her tits and cunt to the brink of an orgasm, telling Sherry what a slut and whore she is, crawling around on her hands and knees with her ass and pussy fully exposed to the camera, and sucking and gagging on Sherry’s non-existent big cock, Sailor becomes EASILY moldable to Sherry’s every whim and desire! And she thinks magic doesn’t work? Sure looks like it does here! Really steamy and yet also quite hilarious video! Why hilarious? You’ll have to watch the end to see! But let’s just say that Sailor’s antics leave Sherry, those behind the camera and even herself to a degree just about in stitches! That they could even finish the scene in one take is amazing! Definitely one of the more interesting and memorable videos we’ve shot at WMW! (Shot in 4K)

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